Large seafoam bracelet

My find of the month has 13 stones, 7 on top and 3 on each side. Hallmark - is SECATERO with no initial. Two part question - A. What would you sell for? (not that I ever would) B. If I have ends put on to enlarge the band by 1/2 inch, would that decrease the future value?

I thank everyone on this site for contributing to my knowledge.

This has a nice look. I would imagine something like this to be around $450. Anytime you make changes that alter the original design (if noticeable) seem to decrease value. However, if you do not plan on selling and are going to wear frequently it will be worth it.

I see it is written on the tag but if possible, would you be so kind as to post a photo showing the actual name “Secatero” on the metal? I’m interested because I have a piece that might be signed by one of the Secateros and would like to be able to compare it.

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