Large " Tibetan " or Chinese Turquoise I.D.? Value? Mine? Thank You

Hello all, I mentioned a large piece of Turquoise purchased on the East Coast ( Bad Start,l know, but it is Turquoise,lol ). Least a decade old. I cannot make out the Hallmark. Some folks on our site seem to be good at identity of even overseas Turquoise. Any help is very appreciated. Best 2 all. Jon

The Hubei Province in China produces a great quantity of turquoise. I would call this Chinese turquoise. Also, the silver work doesn’t appear to be Native American, and I bet that mark reveals what we are looking at. I can not make out anything from the picture, sorry.

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Thanks again. Hope it wasn’t inappropriate to post non American Turquoise. Thought it was a nice matrix, it is thin.