Lauren Koinva earrings?

do we think this might be Lauren Koinva’s rattle hallmark? it looks a little different from what’s on the amerindien site. Not struck as deeply, for one, and the stem of the rattle is shaped a little different.

front: image

Thanks! Happy Friday!

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I think I looked at those same earring online a week or so ago and asked myself the same questions. Ultimately I decided it just didn’t look right. The ratio between the width of the handle and the size of the rattle seemed wrong. And I thought that looking at the front, the overlay and the bottom of the of the image didn’t seem proper. I expect to see the “striations” in the black at the bottom and this didn’t look to have them. It didn’t really look like Hopi overlay to me. It bugged me.

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Gotcha. I’m a sucker for corn imagery, so at the price i paid, I’m happy even if they aren’t identifiable/Hopi. I bought them for the corn, rather than the hallmark, but it’s always nice to know if you can id something you already like. Cheers!

I agree that they are very nice looking even without a known provenance.

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