Look at this beauty

Looks like Mexican turquoise to me. Tho I cant be positive. there is a Chinese turquoise that is similar. this is more of a mint green. I’ve seen it before in a lot of taxco jewelry. although this is obviously a short cut poor man’s squash blossom. I personally thought it was very well done. the beauty is in the simplicity


my honest 1st reaction thought was “squish blossom” necklace.

for when you just want to make a fashion understatement

poor mans or short cut jewelry still takes a bit of skill and knowledge to create

Maybe seems to have a little more age. it’s all silver tho I don’t know the purity. even the clasps. so seems like someone put a consider amount of money it for what it is regardless. squish blossom works well for it. I just liked the stone more or less. I have had quite a bit of Mexican turquoise. I like the mint green. Tho it’s the kind that if you have seen one you have seen it all