Look what I found at my local thrift store today

I found this brooch, priced $22.50. I wouldn’t have given it much though except that it was signed and stamped. A closer look at the figures on the brooch and my handy iPhone lead me to realize that I had found something interesting.

They also had a Acoma(?) wedding vase … with what seemed like an entire roll of packing tape applied to it to secure the price tag. {{face palm}}.

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Love those whimsical pieces, don’t see many around any more.
Did you check out that pot to see if it was signed?

It was signed but I couldn’t get a very good look at the signature. I was so appalled at the use of packing tape on the vase that I didn’t bother to ask them to open the case. If I thought that there was a chance of getting the tape off without damaging the design, I would have bought it.

I don’t know who much the pot was. Me, I would whine and complain and talk them down some more then take it home and try to steam the packing tape off. But hey, that’s me. :grinning:

Wonderful find! Thanks for introducing me to the artist.