looking for help identifying FR mark turquoise cuff

I just bought this at a local antique store and I’m wondering who made it. I can’t find anything with a mark like this…

I love the piece regardless but would be interested in knowing how old it might be and/ or who made it.
Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with the artist. However, the bezel on your cuff indicates that it’s a more modern piece, made probably in the late 70’s or 80’s. The turquoise looks like Chinese turquoise to me. It’s a nice, well made bracelet :+1:t3:

I believe that is part of the word sterling, and is worn off. There is more worn marking below it.

I agree with markyboy57 it was the word sterling. I think that bezel makes it newer, 2000s. That turquoise is probably Arizona stabilized.