Looking for more info on ring stamped B manning

I picked up a ring stamped B Manning STERLING at a 2nd hand store for 20$ I’ve looked endlessly on the internet and have not been successful in finding anything hopefully someone here is able to help me :slight_smile:

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In Billie Hougart’s Native American & Southwestern Silver Hallmarks he list the artist to this hallmark as Bessie Manning. I did a google search of her name and didn’t get any further information. However, Hougart’s book suggest she was active in the 1970s, so her work was definitely before the internet age. Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you Jason! I’m new to the site, what would you recommend doing to find out what something like this would be worth? Start new post?

It is nice and the material looks good. If we had this bracelet it would probably be around $110 - $125. Thanks again for sharing.

This is a very nice ring, thank you for sharing it