Looking forward to learning more about my jewelry

Hi, thanks for reading my post! I’m very hopeful to get any info on these beautiful pieces I got at a yard sale. They’re all stamped but I’ve been on Google for days and absolutely overwhelmed. Any help or info would be much appreciated!! Ty!!



Kabana wolf sterling jewelry

wolf pack V2


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There are some nice things in there. If you could post photos of the backs, it would help the group in identifying the makers.


The bracelet with the teardrop shaped turquoise is from Asia, likely India or Tibet. You have some nice Native items but there are also some imports. Doesn’t make them less attractive but just not Native.


The good news is that you got some fantastic pieces!! The bad new which isn’t bad is that some of them are not Native American they are still nice pieces though!! I am curious, did you get them at yard sale prices? If you did then the seller did not know what they had(this is my biggest fear when my nieces inherit my NA jewelry). The heishi bracelet(it looks like a Navajo Rug with the turquoise and shell heishi) is Luciano Chavez. Let me know if you are interested in selling it. Enjoy!!

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The red coral bracelet is most likely native american and the turquoise bracelet is most lkely Zuni.

I need to go to better garage sales :laughing:

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