Lot of silver and turquoise pieces

Can anyone help me identify any of these pieces…I can take one of pictures if necessary…these were bought as a lot for $900…to be fair it included a 14 k and diamond, ruby ring and a 10 k pocket watch…may have over paid but I do love the pieces…Thanks for any help…just learning

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They are beautiful! Is that a belt at the bottom?

Yes…marked WM…Wilson or William Begay?

The belt is really cool. From your picture it looks like Wilson Begay’s hallmark, which is WB with a hat on top. Could you post a close up of the hallmark on the belt, and on any other piece which has a hallmark? I’m thinking you didn’t overpay, especially if you got some gold pieces along with these.

All the pieces look Navajo. I don’t know the market for your thrift store, but maybe starting prices would be $320 for the bolo, $90 for the turquoise row bracelet, $400 for the bear claw turquoise piece, $225 for the turquoise with the inner story teller, around $60 for the rings, and the belt $900 - $1100. If you found that belt new it would be more like $1800 - $2000 but it might be difficult to get. Looks like that silver bracelet maybe is unfinished, $90?

Thanks for the help…we live in coastal NC…the market for these items is not there…I usually end up buyIng them so the humane society will have cash…I Am sure I overpay but it’s for a good cause…


How very nice of you to help the Humane Society :heart:

Looks like you got a good deal!


I think you did well. Jason’s pricing is about what I would ask if these were in my shop.

Thanks…I have gotten a lot of help from this site.

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Beautiful jewelry, I especially love that belt! I Would be so excited to get all that jewelry at once!

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@Llawrence …where are you shopping? Looks like some great stuff plus the gold items. I need to shop where you do :grin: Unusual belt, love it all!

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