Luck Find! Azurite and Opal Tiny Pendant Unknown Hallmark

Found this tied to a small medicine bag in a box of scrap jewelry. Pretty piece and very small. 1/2 in wide and 3/4 in long. Hallmark is proving illusive. Any help would be appreciated.

Is that azurite?
Or is it that purple-dyed turquoise? I have seen turquoise dyed fluorescent green and deep purple, the latter with coppery veins.

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I agree with @saef very much, turquoise is often dyed & composited to achieve this look. Any golden matrix you might see is copper added to the mixture.

Also, if this were by chance a genuine stone, it would not be azurite. Your stone is very purple. Natural azurite is a deep, cerulean blue and if often found containing matrix of other minerals, such as malachite:

Since the opal is is man- made, I tend to think this might be composite purple turquoise stone as well. But nevertheless, it’s still a very charming piece :smile: Best.

Thanks Everyone! Much appreciated

Listed as a Shop Hallmark in the unknown section here (collective / distributor)

As far as the stone, i don’t know, purple is my favorite color, therefore it is simply “pretty”

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