Maker of chrysocola bisbee mid century silver pendant

Hi group. I am hoping someone can help identify and value this unusual pendant I have. I thought it was turquoise but was told it is bisbee or ariozona chrysocola. It is a brutalist or mid century design and I am hoping someone may recognize the maker. The bale is marked 925, but I am not sure it is the original. The pendant is not marked but is silver. It measures 2 3/4" long by 2 1/4" and is heavy. Thank you for all opinions.

![turquoise pendant blue red back|666x500](upload://rzulVXZKhaDFe8lfSAXt1WWzKOf.JPG)

Doesn’t look Native American to me. Gem stone seems correct though.

Yes I was told it may not be native amerian but was told it is similar to the pieces made by Shatka bear, possibly. Thank you for your comment.

You might look this company up and send them a picture of the piece They have some knowledge of him and might recognize this to be his work.