Mexican silver

Not turquoise and not NA, but I thought maybe @Christibo or some of our other Mexican collectors could tell me something about this pin, or at least help me decipher the hallmark. I can’t make out the whole thing but the circle on the left says “STERLING MEXICO 925” and then I can’t make out the next three characters. I can’t really make out what it says on the right. Any clues as to age or where in Mexico it was made?

My gosh, that’s a strange mark! Sterling Mexico 925, I see. USC? And on the right…xrealx rurecis is what it looks like! Gibberish to me if I’m seeing it right.

That’s my stab at it. Wrong, I am guessing! Haha

I think it may say xREALx TURCOIS - this might help you do a google search for that phrase.

without an “eagle” mark, it makes me thing this is pre-1948? Maybe the clasp/pin can give you some clues to age.

I had a look in Hougart’s hallmark book. REAL is listed as being from Guadalajara. Otherwise not much more information. You can be sure that it is older than 1980 without a letter/number mark, but that is all you can say for sure. These are made for the tourist trade and they are numerous.


Thanks for checking for me; I appreciate it!