Michael sockyma ring - Is it Kokopelli?

I have searched the internet and can’t find a similar design but I know he made a lot of pieces with Kokopelli. This doesn’t look like Kokopelli. Would it be correct to call it Kachina?


There are different theories of where Kokopellie originated and there is certainly evolved belief of who he is today -considering the first known images found on Hohokam pottery dates to sometime between 750 and 850 AD. The image you show reminds me of one theory…

Aztec traders, known as pochtecas may have originally been travelers from northern Mesoamerica. These traders brought their goods in sacks slung across their backs and this sack may have evolved into Kokopelli’s familiar hump. These men may also have used flutes to announce themselves as friendly as they approached a settlement.

I wonder if the image is just a traveler with or without symbol? Sara

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… Love the ring!

Oh cool. Thanks for the information. I looked forever and couldn’t find anything like this. The closest I could come to was an ogre (Soyok Wuhti or Soyok Mana) but I still couldn’t find a “person” that looked like this.

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