Mickey Mouse watch and band - Help with identifying the artist


I have this nice Mickey Mouse watch with a 

beautiful watch band. I am needing help with
the identification of the artist. To me it looks
as if it is possibly signed with an electric pen,
by an artist named “Delgarito”.
Maybe I am looking at it wrong and that is
why I need your input. The watch band is
very well done and has great detail.
Thank you for any input that you would
be willing to share.


Cool watch! I think you are correct on the name but the closure makes me think this may be a Mexican piece.

Some names from this time period are Lawrence, Jereme and Jeremy Delgarito. You might research their work a little and see if this could be their style.

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Thank you for the information and suggestion Jason.

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These closures are reminiscent of Taxco, but they are actually commonly used in NA work.


Thanks Christibo, I appreciate the information.