Mine This Turquoise is From?

I recently obtained this ring and the story from the seller was that it was a family piece originally owned by her grandmother and originally purchased in Taos or Santa Fe, NM in the 40’s. Her husband a mayor of Abiline, TX with a second home in Taos. I believe this to be a raw stone? It has a subtle sheen but is not shiny. I can see some quartz in the greyish brown matrix and a few flecks of pyrite. The hallmark is illegible inside the band and has long been worn away. Any idea the mine?! I paid $50.image|375x500


Don’t know anything about the story, looks like Kingman Turquoise. Enjoy wearing it.


LOL, who knows about the story, though it’s fun. Thank you for your practiced eye! :slight_smile:

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