Missed this section the first time around....Howdy!

My name is Chris, and I have been posting here for a few months(sorry I missed this!). I have a long love affair with Old Pawn and Vintage Sterling. My Cherokee grandfather gave me the love of Old Pawn. He took me places like Anadarko, Taos, and Gallup to buy, look and learn about Old Pawn. I have always bought, sold and traded pieces. I recently returned back to the US after 13 years abroad and have started a small buying and selling venture online. Love this forum!!


I missed this section too…and I’m new here and I’ve got the Cherokee blood running through my veins as well! :wink: Just thought I’d acknowledge you…so, Howdy back at cha!

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Glad to finally meet you, Chris! How great that you got an early education in Old Pawn from your grandfather, and that you got to spend time with him.

If I may ask, where was the photo taken? Those banks rising up from the water make it look like it’s in a beautiful place.

That was the Straits of Corinth leaving the Greek waters. Dug by hand many many years ago by dudes in sandals! :slight_smile:

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Amazing…how long did it take to dig? Welcome and I love your posts…Where do you sell your found pieces?

They started digging the canal under Roman Emperor Nero(the fiddler of the fire) and it was only finally completed in 1893. Many peoples and leaders were involved over the years.

I have a shop on Etsy and I go to local fairs and shows in Texas.