More of Grandmas Goodies

Ok here are a few more pieces I found interesting-


Grandma had a wide range of styles, those are some interesting pieces. Thank you for sharing.

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Yes she did I am trying to find out about the LAPIS with stamp work wings-it had a mark but I think but it is not legible No idea where she got it I have not ever seen it I donā€™t think!

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add some photos of the back on the lapis piece.

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Ok here is what I got-I am stumped Have never seen anything like it before so have no clue where to start-it appears to be NA and I say that cuz the wings are entirely stamped to get the feather design to pop


That Lapis with silver wings pendant is gorgeous! Love the big dark Agate ring too, lovely! All are lovely :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t3: