More Stuff, Trying To Evaluate!

Anything anyone can tell me about anything here is greatly appreciated & Thanks for looking!

Again, Thanks to all for any info & your interest, as well.

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Is that ring as big as I think it is? It looks very large next to the cuffs.

The knifewing pin is what I’d ask you to take out of the showcase so that I could look at it, if you were a dealer whose shop or booth I was visiting. What are its measurements?

If I were a millionaire, I’d probably buy every knifewing that I came across. (I do not have Toshio Sei’s book … yet.)

I particularly like when they have two eye slits rather than one horizontal band across the face.

Comparing knifewings with one another is so difficult. Just when I think two are alike in the tail pattern, I notice the silver work edging the wings is completely different. Or the pattern on the hat is different. Or they’ve got four colors in the arm rather than two. Or the breastplate section is different. Maddening and quite wonderful.


I was thinking exactly the same things Saef said. My eye first went to the Knifewing, then ring, then knifewing. Do you see any Hallmark on The Knifewing and any or all?

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The ring face is 1.75" x 1.25" & weighs about 30 grams. The rock stands 3/8" tall off the face… Size 11.5, I think!?

The ‘knifewing’ pin was covered in dust, I gently wipe it with a tissue… I’m not a professional dealer or jeweler, etc. I don’t want to mess it up by polishing or cleaning it wrong, ya know?

There are no Hallmarks on any of them, in these pics, on this post.

The cuff on the far left has my curiosity, I’m wondering where it was made?

The cuff on the far left is something I’d want to heft in my hand and then turn very carefully to check every inch of the work on it.

To me, it looks Native American, and I don’t know what they call that style, which I have encountered at other times, but I personally think of it as “Leave No Inch of Space Undecorated.” That is a virtuoso display of someone’s silver-working techniques, all of the types of applied decoration they were able to make, so I’m going to guess it’s Navajo. It looks as lush as if someone were giving us a close-up view of a wooded area abutting a grassy glade – the equivalent of a tapestry but worked over in silver.

I have also seen cuffs like that encrusted with old dirty white silver polish of the paste type. Whoever thought that would be a good idea ended up with a mess on his hands. A really soft worn-out toothbrush can help with that if you’re gentle. You won’t believe the little pile of dust that will accumulate on the table under you.

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The first bracelet is Navajo, I would guess 90s are newer. It looks like it is a heavy piece and the inside of the cuff has been stamped, this style is more recent then old. The stone is difficult to make out, has coloring like Royal Web or Damele. The row bracelet could either be Navajo or Zuni, both really love this style. I would think of this piece has being your most valuable, it is very popular and these older pieces sell really well. The big ring appears to have a hallmark, do you mind looking again. That is a big rock and has lots of carats, would call this Kingman web, Navajo made. The Knifewing is made by many different Zuni artists, and can always be very difficult to attribute to an artist. When I first say it I thought Angela Cellicion, but I couldn’t find anything. The closest was an artist named Myra Tucson, just not familiar with her art. The earrings are nice, looks like Ithaca Peak, another stone from Kingman. That clip on style seams older, but don’t think these are ancient, Navajo made.

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Jason’s answer was so interesting, I went looking for images of knifewings.

Nearly all of the Angela and Oliver Cellicion knifewings that I was able to find online have a face very much like your knifewing’s face: White upper half, black lower half, two separate black eye slits.

All but one of the Angela and Oliver Cellicion knifewings that saw are wearing black and white hats. The best way I can describe it is that it looks like a white bottle on a black background. Your knifewing’s hat has four colors in it.

Also yours has a simpler edging in the silver work along the wings.

I liked looking these up because I really like looking at knifewings. They are extraordinary. Mysterious, masked, colorful despite being only four or five colors, with a very Art Deco-like, domino effect — and they are strong and fierce, with those outspread wings and sumo-squat stance, but also benign-looking.

And the best ones are sooooo expensive.

You are correct.
I found a “Q” stamped on the inside edge, along with “sterling”.
Is this Joe Quail’s mark?
The stone on the cuff is an unusual color, to me, beautiful look to it!
I’ve never seen Damele before, but I thought it was greener…

I have a ring that has a similar, deep dark blue color, by Peterson Johnson:

I thought it might be Lapis?

The big ring has no hallmark, but it may have been worn off…

It’s difficult to show in pics, but I take a lot of 'em, in different lights & angles, then crop 'em & pick the best looking ones. Using my TV as a monitor is way better than using a magnifying glass, for me.

I don’t know if ‘clip on’ or ‘screw on’ earrings are desirable, but I got more!

The Knifewing brooch seem to be common? Even though they’re all the same, no two are alike?
Does the artist make that much of a difference when the age & quality is this obvious?

If the ‘Row Bracelet’ is the most valuable, what should be my minimum asking price?
I know in a shop they would ask a lot more than what I will get on eBay… sigh.

Anyway… Thanks for all the info & time, expertise, etc. I appreciate it!!

Hi. I just accidentally stumbled across a lookalike of the first cuff while trying to do more research on my Yazzie

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Wow! Thank You!!

I had it as Joe Quail, Navajo… as per for ‘Q’.

That link you have looks more reliable, especially when they have a picture of him!

I still can’t get a good pic with the actual color of the stone, damele?
It’s bluer than the pic shows.

Again, Thank You!

…sorry I don’t know my turquoises yet, darn it.