My Aaron Toadlena cuff

Hello, thanks so much for this forum. I enjoy following every discussion.

I only have one cuff, but I love it. Would Jason know, or could you ask the silversmith, about what the stone is? The turquoise had been darkened with something so the matrix would be very black, and I cleaned it a little. Would the artist have done that, or the owner of the cuff? I’m happy with the color of the stone as it is–the matrix seemed too starkly dark before. Anyway, thanks for any information, and my warmest regards to the artist. I think his work is beautiful.


It’s a beautiful piece :blush:

Very lovely, enjoy wearing it!

This looks like a piece of Kingman webbed turquoise. Someone could’ve used a black marker to darken the matrix if something wiped off. Old timers talk about leaving stones overnight in butter to darken it up. The image you show is the color I would associate with this stone. Maybe, it could have been the compound from the buffing of the silver that didn’t get wiped off.

Thank you for your comments, and Jason, thank you for taking the time to answer my question. The photo is fairly true to color. Actually, I wiped the stone off thinking it might need cleaning. Hope it was dirt or compound,not butter!

I really don’t know anything about turquoise. I’ve been reading this forum for about a year but haven’t even dared to comment until now. So I probably should ask if I am right to believe the cuff was made by Aaron Toadlena. I bought it online from someone who didn’t know anything about it–they thought the hallmark signature said AO. Again, thanks for any comments.

You’ve got the artist–per my 3d edition Hougart’s that’s the mark of Aaron Toadlena, Navajo, active since the 1990’s.

Thank you for confirming that. I appreciate the information.