My wife thinks I'm weird

I have been trying to get my wife a cow skull covered in turquoise for awhile, since she had seen one at an auction. I missed a bid on a gorgeous one covered in cabochons. Ended up with this skull which I think is cool … she is not so impressed. Unfortunately it was damaged in shipping.


Just call the damage “patina” and you will be fine.


I hope FedEx pays for the damage as the box was quite damaged.
It appears my wife was mad about my purchase because she thought the turquoise was dyed howlite. I explained that all of them are nuggets that have been sawn in half. So I took some of the broken off nuggets and soaked them in acetone for a few days to show her they are real. She says she doesn’t care, the thing is hideous. She does not like that they are glued on with black epoxy. I can hang it in my shed. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!