Native American bracelet or maybe not

Bought this many years ago in Taos as a gift for my mom who has since passed so now my mystery. It was sold to me if I remember correctly as Native American with the designer possibly from Taos. Believe it is stamped LL Valdez, a snake with turquoise eyes that have turned more green over the years and peridot cabs with much sterling granulation. Anyone familiar with this artist, value, etc. Easily over twenty years old. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.


Interesting. The LL looks like Lambert Livingston. Do not know what the Valdez is.


I think the “LL” is actually an “F” on its side for Frank Valdez.


Thank you both, especially TAH, for the insight to look at the signature in a completely different way. Never would have seen the “F”. It always helps to have another set of eyes, that is why I so appreciate this forum. Makes sense since it was bought in a gallery in Taos.


It’s a cool bracelet. Thanks for sharing it. :+1:

I can’t help with an ID, but as a home with three pet snakes I LOVE that bracelet!

Thank you, GreenRock, I think my mom was attracted to snake jewelry as well, the live ones too!