Native American made?

it looks native American to me. The numerous imperfections makes it seem to be hammered out by hand. No idea who HDM is

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Looks Native to me too. Perhaps someone who has a hallmark book will find the hallmark and tell us.

It wasn’t sold as native. It was sold as scrap silver. But I thought it looked native enough that I leaped. They actually wasn’t entirely convinced it was silver because it wasnt stamped “.925”. I tried to educate them on coin silver. 835 which is typically a german and European silver. Not the German silver that has absolutely no silver. But silver used for jewelry in that part of Europe more so than it gets used throughout. There’s just no talking to some to some people

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I thought coin silver was 900? I have also met people who think the only mark for silver is 925. I once tried to tell a guy that his 900 necklace was silver. I was trying to tell him that there are varying amounts of silver purity just like gold. But he was clearly smarter and more stubborn than me. So, I bought his not silver and amber necklace for a dollar and gave up on trying to educate strangers.


Some coin silver probably is. But finished product usually ends up being a little less. yeah there are many purity levels. The guy I was talking about was trying to tell me just because jewelry is stamp sterling like lots of native American jewelry is. That isn’t real silver that real silver has to be marked.925 and nothing else is real. and yes coins are 900. I just saying that there are lots of different purity types. I’m not a real buff. I just know that there are different types.

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