Need help identifying cuff bracelet

I would like to know anything about this cuff bracelet.
I Would appreciate any help. Thank you.


Are you able to post a photo of the back?
that helps many of the members identify pieces.
It’s lovely!

There is no hallmark.

It is lovely! I want to know more about where it.

Hi Mgoske, I know everyone will want to see the back. Do you have a shot you can post?

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Tara, you read my mind! Lol

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@sandy @TaraFawn75

There is no hallmark on the back. I have attached a photo

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A really good looking Zuni bracelet. Looks like it has some age, did you just purchase it?

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My aunt passed, so my cousin gave it to me. I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I was wondering what tribe and possibly an age on it. My aunt was 88 and had it for at least 25 plus years.

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