Need Help Identifying Hallmark for Navajo Cuff

Hello! I’m new here and hoping to get some answers. I have a bracelet from my Grandmother. From what I understand my grandfather gave it to her as a gift when they were dating in the 40’s so it may be from then. I can’t find any info on the Hallmark. It appears to be an M with a rattlesnake. I think it may be Navajo based on the size, but I’m not positive. Any info helps. Thanks!


That’s a lovely bracelet!

Yup, Morris Robinson!!


I think that is what is so cool about this piece, it is Hopi and looks Navajo. He predates the decision for Hopi artists to create their own unique look (overlay) and was making it like the first Hopi smiths (Navajo style).

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@Jason Thanks for the reply! I think it’s beautiful. Any idea which era it might be from? Or what it would be valued at?

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From the information I have he started using a hallmark in the 1930s, which will make this hard to date. I would guess circa 1960s. You do find a lot of his stuff doing a google search, from what I have found I would say $750ish.