Need help Identifying maker of pin

I think I posted this under wrong category yesterday, so reposting. Found this piece at an estate sale. It looked like inlaid onyx and turquoise, appeared vintage to me. The mark was not stamped, but it appears signed with initials KTl and a symbol above that. If possible, I would like help identifying who made it and when. Thank you.


Just wondering.
Could the R been crossed off and replaced with the KTI?

I think that’s trader inventory (price) scratching versus a maker’s mark. I like these little inlaid dot butterfly pins. Date wise, probably 1950-1960s. If the black is more matte than glossy, it’s jet.

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Thank you. The black is glossy, like other pieces of inlay I have. The turquoise dots really stand out against the onyx. The pin looks better worn than laying flat on a surface for a photograph.
I never thought the marks could be for trader inventory. I was thinking 1950s- 60s as well. You have been a great help.

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Hmmm? I never thought of that. I suppose it could. Thanks for your input.