Need help identifying please

Hi everyone,
My father loved Native American jewelry and has MANY pieces that I can’t for the life of me identify even using internet.

I hope this is allowed for a newbie in the group. Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello, lots of different stuff. I couldn’t find anything on the PN hallmark. The style was called chip inlay and made famous by Navajo artist Tommy Singer. I imagine this bracelet is 1970s - 80s and was made during the Navajo jewelry boom. Lots of people would be making jewelry during this time and initial hallmarks can be really difficult to identify. The other watch bracelet is also a Navajo piece. You look to have two amber rings, the coral and turquoise is on a cast ring shank that is many times made by a Zuni artist, we still buy those today. Not sure what the gold stone is. The last ring the turquoise stone has a Chinese look, but not sure if it is. Chinese turquoise starting showing up around the early 1980s. If not Chinese I would call it Carico Lake. Hope this information helps.

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Thank you very much! The rings you say look to be amber, I don’t believe they are. The have almost an opal like fire in them…I will try to get some pictures in the sun to show You! The ring you say looks Chinese, IDK, it’s not my father’s style …so possibly the latter of your answer would make sense. As for the PN hallmark - yeah I couldn’t find anything either & was about to lose my mind until I found this site and crossed my fingers! Thank you so much! I was inclined to think Dìne on most of his pieces as well but better safe than sorry right…

hopefully you can see the fuchsia Sparks in those rings, it’s harder than I thought it would be to get them in a picture. Also added another ring, bear claw pendant & looks like a belt buckle with no hallmarks either…ugh I didn’t think it would be this difficult to find out their value…lol thanks again!

Those rings look like fire agate. It can be hard to catch the fire in pictures.


Thank you! Yes it’s so hard to get a picture of the fire but easy to see when right next to it! So crazy!! I was getting irritated because I could see it but the darn camera never could! :smiley: