Need help identifying these earrings please

I bought these earrings in a lot. They were heavily tarnished. I don’t recognize the style but they seen to have real white opals. They are marked 925 instead of sterling and have a hallmark that looks like a crescent moon with 3 sqiggly lines (like moonlight?) Can anyone help? I’ve exhausted my resources and Google! Thank you so much!

Hello, beautiful earrings. These might be Mexican made, I have included two links that might help in your search.

I’ll have a look. Usually the Texaco jewelry I’ve aquired has been well marked. I assumed with the opals and symbol hallmark they were Native American. I’ll do more searching - thanks very much!

They definitely could be Native American. I went my direction because they look cast, but maybe that is just the photo. If they are Native American that bottom silver design is going to be soldered cutouts. Are the earrings cast?

Hi, The earrings are solid, and the blossom part is fairly thick. I’ll post some better photos. Maybe that will help. Thank you!

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That helps, I think it is a better chance these are Mexican or something else besides Native American.