Need help identifying this ring

Help identifying this ring would be greatly appreciated! It appears to be unsigned and is very heavy, looks like sand cast with applied leaves and bezel. I thought maybe Zuni because of the inlay, but the leaves made me wonder. The white stone is not mother of pearl, is more like milky quartz but is a bit more luminescent, not really sure what it is. Has anyone seen one similar to this, maybe an idea of maker or if they think it is one of those foreign imitations?


Hoping someone has seen something like this before.

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This piece is going to be hard to identify without a signature or hallmark. This is going to be a Navajo ring. When we talk about Inlay, we usually attribute Inlay jewelry to the Zunis, however, I believe this to be one of those exceptions to the rule. I would date this ring no earlier than the 70’s or 80’s. Chunkier leaves like that didn’t start appearing until that time, also, I would expect the mother of Pearl to have a lot of dirt and wear to it if it were older. The dimples on the inside of the ring indicate that it was made using a technique called “sand casting.”

Hi, and thank you BigBree43! I had wondered about the leaves being more like Navajo but the inlay and heavy cast ring shape made me wonder if Zuni. I accidentally tagged the topic as Hopi, have edited and removed that tag. Not having any stamps or markings really makes it difficult to identify I know. The friend I got this from said he got it about 20 years ago at a pawn shop so the time frame you mention sounds right.