Need help trying to date an old ingot cuff

I have an older ingot cuff that I think is probably older than 1950. It is heavy at 83.39 grams. It is approximately 3/8” tall and about 1/4” thick. It is fairly simple with just chase marks on the front and a dot pattern on the thicker ends.
I’d love to know an approximate age and value if possible. Thank you for your help.image image image image image image image image


Hi, It’s not US ingot silver and it’s not Native American. It’s Moroccan tribal, Berber/Touareg. The style dates back, and a form of this was used as currency (look up “manilla”)–but things like this have been made and sold continuously. The silver content would be what is traditional in that society, but not either ingot or sterling.

The terminals (end areas) are very indicative of its origin, with their bulbous shape and light incised dots as decoration. Totally unlike US Native silver work.

Example of a good-looking related piece:


Thanks. Considering the seller, that makes sense. I was told that it had been in the Lynn Truesdale estate at one time. However, unsubstantiated words…