Need help with findings attached to sinew strung necklace

It appears that the findings on this signed sinew string lapis lazuli sterling necklace are a copper spring. How does this effect the value?

I don’t think this is going to effect the value of your piece. It would be nice to see the complete necklace.

Thank you!

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Charming piece but from Thailand most likely, for sure import and not NA. What were you told about it?


I purchased this piece in a lot of signed Begay and Los Ballestros Sterling Jewelry. It’s signed. Not from Thailand.

I see we’ve had this convo previously:

Help identify sterling silver bead design and Native American silver smith

Whatever else was in your lot, this necklace is Thai made, or else crafted from Thai/Asian beads readily available in supply shops.


I agree with @chicfarmer. This is a “stringer” necklace made from mass produced machine made beads. Nothing about it says NA, and some of the beads are very Asian in style. It’s a pretty necklace, but definitely not handmade NA.