Need Help with Snakepoint Turquoise bracelet: Age? Hallmark?

This has been in the family for a long time but I can`t make out the silversmith. I suppose it is quite old, possible dating back to the 40s? Would be great if somebody can help me out identifying the silversmith and give me a suggestion about value and age. THANKS

Beautiful bracelet, thanks for sharing. Early dealers spent a considerable amount of time educating buyers about Native American jewelry. That is very different then today when many dealers showcase the artist. So, it wasn’t until the 1970s when marking a bracelet became standard practice with Zuni, Hopi and Navajo jewelry.

We get these great aged row bracelets now and then. They look fabulous on and don’t last long in the showcase. I don’t believe your bracelet dates back to the 1940s because of the markings, but it definitely has some age. If we had this for sale I imagine it would be around $400 - $500. Hope this helps.


Thanks. May be you can also tell me if this is Navajo or Zuni origin? And does the markings seem familiar?
By the way, I have very fond memories of my visits to your shop while travelling the Southwest.

I would call the work Zuni, however I do know Navajo artists that make this style of work. The markings are not familiar.