Need info on this belt buckle please

Any ideas of the maker, age, value of this inlay belt buckle?
I have searched tirelessly to identify the hallmark but with no luck. I found one similar on ebay but the description had no info.
Also, what type of turquoise? …is the surrounding inlay pyrite?
So glad I stumbled across this forum. I’ve been reading others posts for the last couple days. Lots of great people and info!
Thanks so much for any and all help!
Much love :two_hearts:

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In Hougart’s book he references a Kay Johnson that uses a broken arrow like the one on your buckle. You might research that name. Also, have you tested the buckle as silver?

Have you tried the hot pin test on the turquoise? This looks like a composite to me.

Thank you! I saw Kay Johnson’s hallmark in my research. I wondered if this could be an earlier version of his hallmark. Do artists ever change their hallmark?

I haven’t tried that JW. Wasn’t sure how to test it. Thanks!
I was a little suspicious that it might not be real turquoise. Some of the pieces have tiny hairline cracks.