Need information on Squash Blossom necklace with JS imprint

My wife’s mother gave her this squash blossom necklace sometime between 1965 and 1990. We would like to have some idea of who made the necklace (see the JS mark on the back of the pendant in the Naja), the quality of the stones and the silver work, and what it might be worth. The necklace weighs about 935 gm and the Naja about 415 gm. The Naja is 3 ¼’ wide and about 3 ½’ high. When stretched out it measures 11 ½" from the clasp to the Naja. The beads are strung on what looks like a woven silver chain. Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated.
IMG_0354 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0357

Schaffer lists three with JS, Jackson Seckletstewa (uses JS as represented on your piece), Jackie Singer who uses J.S., and James Shay who uses JS offset.

I can’t make the image bigger, but from what I can tell this would be closer to that 1990s date. It is a Navajo piece. Initial hallmarks can be very difficult to identify, especially when the work does not have unique characteristics. This is a nice necklace and hopefully she wears it. Thanks for sharing.

We would like to have some idea of value – thinking of selling it.

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Here is something I learned this week and did not think about it.

Before any value can be determined you need to know if the blossoms are plated, coin or sterling silver.
I recently posted a piece and was asked this. Well guess what I tested various parts of my Squash Blossom and it is nickel silver.
Good luck!

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Maybe something like $600 - $750.

Thanks to all of you for the help. My wife passed away and I’m now working on what to do with her necklace and other stuff.

I think I’ll find someone to do a sterling test on the silver and see where I go next.

Thanks again!

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You can buy a metal testing kit for about $20.00 or less. It contains the stone and separate vials of solution to test silver, 10, 14 and 22k gold, and platinum.
There is also a selling arena connected to this forum. Click on the word “auction “ at the top of the page to get there.
Sorry to hear about your wife. Best wishes with your selling.

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Thanks! I’ll try the kit and then the auction.

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