New Coral Necklace with Large Silver Bead and Jakla

I bought this from an older native american man (75-80ish) wearing a Vietnam veterans cap who had set up a very small table on the outskirts of the Santa Fe market on Saturday 08-24-19. The table was literally the size you would eat a TV dinner off of, with about a dozen items. He told me that he did make each item so I’m pretty sure they’re Native American made. I feel good about the turquoise and spiny oyster jakla, not so sure about the coral, although it does click against my teeth like glass same as the turquoise does. It feels much lighter in weight on the coral end of the necklace. So I’m just looking for any input anyone might have as to weather the coral is real or not. The pictures suck I know, some with and some without flash.

Never mind… Hot needle test says its plastic/resin. Both the coral and the turquoise smell of burnt plastic. The spiny oyster seems to be real. The big bead is heavy and non-magnetic. I’m not sure how to tell if it’s silver or not. I need to buy a test kit!!

I guess I don’t mind terribly, the guy looked like he could use some help.

Question, knowing it’s not real, would it be in the $40 to $50 range or would it be substantially less?

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When I lived in NM, it wasn’t unusual to see individuals selling jewelry like this outside of gas stations and restaurants. Some were honest about the resin stones, some were not. But they would ask for anywhere between $70-$120 for jacla necklaces like this. I don’t think the $40-$50 range is unreasonable!


Agree. When I liven in Chinle, AZ (1980’s), there was a small, partially enclosed area outside of the Basha’s grocery store. People would often set up there with TV trays to sell some items.

Some were legit, some were resin. Asking if the items contained real stone, coral, SS was not an option, due to safety.

If you have any other pieces of SS, rub them and then smell your fingers. Do the same for the bead in this necklace. SS has a very distinctive smell to me.


I never thought of that. I have a decent collection of silver dollars and know the smell you mention. Thanks

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Too bad. Resin or not, it sure is pretty. Nice balance of materials.