New here, help with buckle ID?

I’m hoping this is the right place. I’m looking for information on a piece my uncle gave me some years back. I spent a few hours looking at hallmark pictures online with no luck. Doesn’t look much like anything I can find for sale either. Please let me know any information you can share. Thanks in advance…Mike

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I think you might want to broaden your search to non Native American hallmarks. Two reasons; that style doesnt look Native and the 925 stamp. Nice looking piece though!

Looking through the references the closest birds to this one are Larry Dodge and Courtney Mahkee, you might do a quick google search with those two names. The search sometimes can be very time consuming, you might have one of those pieces. Found this, you might contact the seller and see if they have any additional information.

That looks very similar in style for sure…first picture I’ve see of anything similar. I’ll contact the seller and see where it leads. Thanks so much for the replies!!