New Squash blossom necklace

I made this this week and was wondering how long the beads should be. Right now they are loose so I can add or subtract a few. As it stands it is 32" long and has $156 just in beads. 32 hits about center cleavage. So what do ya think?


Very nice work, congrats. I think the length should accord with the proportion you want to achieve and also with your goal in terms of final gram weight. The more silver the heavier, naturally, and that cuts out some potential buyers (I think, or else I’m just speaking personally as someone who can’t tolerate a heavy necklace.)

Not completely sure what the 32" represents: Do you mean overall laid out in a line so that the drop is about 16"? It really looks long to me. I’d end it maybe a couple inches beyond where it crosses over at the top in this photo–thereabouts.

Also, not that you asked but: the findings look way out of scale, too large for this piece. Do you have a smaller set?


I agree the proportions seem off. I apologize in advance of this is too much of an opinion-bomb.

I think it’s the smallish blossoms, and the every-other-one smaller size pearls. I think it’s not as pleasing proportionally as it could be. I think the length could be OK for the visual mass of the naja, but not sure how you can achieve a good balance with the smaller blossoms and interspersed smaller pearls. I do like a longer length necklace though, so that is really up to the wearer and how you like your jewelry to sit on your body shape.

I could see this naja on a single strand of larger pearls, or even pillow beads, no blossoms, and i could see the smaller blossoms with only the smaller pearls, in a much shorter length, with a much more diminutive naja.


I don’t mean to be…uh,obvious?..but have you tried it on yourself? It’s yours,should suit you first.


I like that the proportions are a little different. The smaller beads and blossoms give it a clean
streamlined look and let the naja be the star of the show. I imagine that it is lighter in weight than many squash necklaces which probably makes it more comfortable to wear, too. :wink:


And thats why there is an infinite variety of jewlry art!! Every eye sees something different to appreciate.