New squash blossom that I couldn't live without

I found this squash blossom today and haven’t been able to find anything about the markings on it, I’m interested to hear what the pros think about it. The kitchen scale says it weighs 315 grams (11.1 ounces)…it’s 34 inches long…the naja is 3 3/4 inches…the blossoms are 2 1/4 inches long. I plan to wear it all day tomorrow while I clean the house :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all of your knowledge and I thank you in advance.


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Can we see front and back pictures pleeze :smiley:

Here it is…I also have it on Antiquers.


Nice, I would call it the 70s-80s, Navajo. I don’t know about the 235, Bahe is a common Navajo name. The W is interesting, it is like the Woodard mark. They owned Indian Jewelry Supply and made jewelry. The Woodard W is a stamp, but this looks like it. Enjoy cleaning house.

Thanks for the reply…I’m familiar with Bahe, just not Wilson Bahe and my OCDABCD is overwhelming me. I enjoy getting new pieces and researching the artist so not being able to figure this one out is like a puzzle with one missing piece.