NEZ with no initial

I have a pair of earrings marked NEZ with no initial. They are big 925 triangles with a smooth oval-shaped cabochon of bone bezel-set in the middle. The style is very similar to other large earrings (geometric shape framing another geometric shape; bezel setting; clean and bold), also marked NEZ that I’ve seen, but no one seems to know WHICH Nez designed them. Does anyone know if one of the famous Nez craftsman used a stamp with no initials?

I have included to a few links that seem to made by the same artist. The hallmark changes a little. Also, one pair is attributed to Marian and Leonard Nez. Leonard is now known for his overlay work, much different than this. However, I don’t know what his early mark before working with Marian, or if he did this style. You have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason! The earrings by Leonard & Marian are in the same style as mine, so that is a good clue.