Nugget bracelet

This bracelet was listed as lightly cleaned sea foam turquoise. It is big and heavy. The center stone is 1 3/4” by 1 1/2”. The three pieces make for a 4” front to the bracelet. The inside is inscribed silver and Michael Montana.
It is nicely made with pretty beading and think substantial bands.
Does the turquoise look natural? Does anyone have an opinion about age and appropriate value.
Thanks for all of the help! I love reading all of the different posts. Have seen some neat stuff.

I would guess this is 1980s. Sea foam seems to be really popular during this time and your bracelet appears to have some age. I imagine a number of mines can produce this look, but I always think of sea foam as Kingman. It was never really that expensive, and it never really seamed to get very popular. Your piece having some age and big rocks I would think around $225 - $300. The name is not Native, you might look at it again and see if it says Montano instead, which would be Navajo. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you. I got the loupe and checked the name. It is Montano. Would that change the value? Appreciate your help.

No, but it makes more sense being Navajo made.

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