Ok Sluthes...Heres an oldie any help appreciated!

This is an old cuff that belonged to grandma but was totally black! I cleaned enough to see marks- BE So I did research and did get both my books THANKS AC! I got the a-L and M-z and found Ben Eustace uses these initials and also does the carved Turquoise-my problem is these do not look like what I am seeing and have no clue where to look next?? Any suggestions or comments??

The second is a Pendant and I have no clue! It is made of Lapis Sterling and Copper wire Accents signed MELINDA across the back-cant find anything on this at all!


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That pendant is cool–I really like the main piece of lapis with all those pyrite flecks–but it is not Native American, which may be why you are having trouble finding anything on it.

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I actually tried my search both ways and cant find anything at all on this. It is a really beautiful piece…my search continues! Thanks for your input!

Instead of Ben Eustace bracelets, look at rings from him and other Eustace family members. I think you will find a resemblance Here is an example - Feline Naranjo (who married a Eustace) .

Yep been reading and noticed his daughter does similar but none have the same initials as him…also I took more pics and got something else in photo for Mark’s but can quite make it out…I dont want to clean this anymore cuz it is very old…my grandma had wen I was a kid so patina is major on it but I may have to just to uncover more or these Mark’s I see
Opinions anyone? Patina is so wonderful I already took some off…=( not sure I wanna go further cuz wanting to sell it!

No stamping here. Similar but the more I look at it I do notice differences in how yours os made.

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