Old, Heavy Bracelet that I need to identify

I hope I am in the right thread. I need some help trying to figure out what my jewelry is worth and who it is made by… It is a very old piece of sterling silver turquoise.
So far all I know is it is very old, real turquoise, and sterling silver. It weighs 7 oz. and I am located in cali usa. I also looked for the makers mark and can’t for the life of me find a match… Please help if you can. Thanks

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/8fc15323a27867d52891d128b4e842ef29a70447.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/343887a6b2a1a89fa7ae7a98009b99c6c88f2d94.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/5f200abba3c368f7abdc67dad2ffb61eecddc5f9.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/859be5fc238ec1b775174ce5ccc2324db8318a11.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/c0ed585cc567949c0e81c41fa6a5bc974724b202.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/f1e8cf331c2f6f4efae640b2cf91769aaff36efe.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/4281d13317f3f057fb26f5a83a99455f08a19ad5.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/36c480630accad3fb3d770ef3cccf67ab06f3916.jpg">

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