Old turquoise ring I wonder about...

Grandmother died ten years ago. I have wore this ring everyday. I have never had it cleaned. I feel naked without it on my hand. Inasmuch : I wear it to work constantly. I work in an expensive part of Birmingham.
I have been floored by comments recently about this ring. Many comments from strangers, clustered, I’ve worn it for years noone has ever batted an eye until recently.

It has no markings on the flip side, but someone said I needed to find out it’s origins and have it cleaned bc it could be extremely valuable. To me it is, because it’s all I have left of my grandmother. I’m just wondering if it’s value is enough to warrant getting it insured.


It’s pretty! I wouldn’t clean it, Takes years to get that patina and only seconds to take off


Very lovely to have a family heirloom from your grandmother.

No, insurance is not relevant here; primarily of sentimental keepsake value. It’s Navajo, probably 1970s (maybe 1960s), and rings like this were made in vast numbers. It’s interesting to me when a piece stirs interest from strangers, so it must have a lovely aura.

Enjoy the memories and the ring. And yes, leave it as is.


What @chicfarmer said. :grinning:

Not that valuable monetarily but it’s obviously very sentimental to you! I love its scrollwork. Cleaning is a matter of taste, but generally these older Native American pieces are more appealing showing their age with a layer of patina. I wouldn’t strip off all that character. :wink:

It’s an eye catcher because of its age and condition and it’s different…enjoy wearing it!