Old Zuni Squash & Pin

These are the other two pieces that I got this past weekend from a woman who said her husband’s aunt purchased these in Arizona in the 1950s. I would love to know people’s opinions on age and value. Also, would you keep the pieces together or sell separately?

2.75" Wide
Weight: 25.3 grams

Squash Blossom
Length: 23" long
Weight: 80.99 grams


What a find! Do the two seem to be made by the same artist? I dont see them as a pair…I would probably separate them if your selling them…otherwise wear them well…I cant wait to find my first real Squash! They just have such an amazing energy! This one sure is a zinger for me! I Love, Love love the bouquet of colors and the angled settings like a chevron pattern…so nicely made. The pin is lovely too! It looks large and the duality of the petite point with tge snake eyes is great followed by the two colors…such attention to details…Zuni artists are such masters at soldering and arranging! It is so hard to do that many seems so close together without a partial/or a full melt down happening on part or all of just one component…just amazing! Do you mind showing the backs too? Thanks!


Thank you for your reply.
I honestly have no idea if they were made by the same artist, there are definitely similar characteristics. The pin is much larger than I normally see, it’s very nice. As far as the squash I love the look too. I’ve done a small bit of silver work myself and am continually amazed at the level of skill and patience required to complete pieces such as these. Below are pictures of the backs.
All the best,

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