Opinions and eval on cross necklace please

I am planning to purchase this necklace and cross. Seller believes it to be from the 1940’s. The beads seem to be handmade as they don’t look exactly the same and the holes seem to be punched from the inside (has dimples where the hole was punched) as opposed to the outside. Seller believes the turquoise to be from the Ajax mine and the accent stones seem to be coral. Cross has a hallmark of “HILL S”
Would you agree with the seller and my opinion on the beads?

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I find this very attractive. I wonder if it is a newer assemblage piece that was crafted from older parts.

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Hoping @jason can give his opinion

What did the seller say about its cultural origin? It’s good looking but also very unusual.

They say native Pueblo Santo Domingo

It’s reminds me of rosary beads

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Funny, I was thinking the same thing, has a rosary beads feel.

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So some specific questions…do the bench beads look handmade? Do the turquoise stones look legit (Ajax mine?) does the 1940’s seem to be the correct period?

@jason do you have any thoughts on this piece?

So I would not call these handmade beads, I don’t know about Ajax but looks to be turquoise and I would think this is later than 1940s. It does seem to have some age but more like 70s-80s.

Absolutely rosary beads. Looks so much like them. Can’t say age, but simple and at least 60s to 70s. 40 s and 50 s aren’t out of the question but I always question those if they’re from a seller and they can’t prove .

Do seem like real bench beads.

Thanks Xtina and Jason for your thoughts and expertise.

My first thought was rosary as well. A very pretty rosary.

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