Pictograph hallmark ID

I would guess this is a mark from Maisels. They used several different figures similar to this. Does the piece have age?

Hi Jason- Thanks for the quick reply. The piece looks fairly new. There are no signs of patina and the silver side with the hallmark is fairly shiny so I have to guess it’s a newer piece or very well polished.??? I appreciate your input and will try to find further info with what you gave me. It is much appreciated. If I find more info I’ll be sure to pass it along. Again, thank you Dan .

No, I think this piece has some age. Any way to get a little better image?

I found this online
attributed to a Maisels piece.

Hey Jason- Thanks for taking your time on this, much appreciated. This pic is about the best I can get with this camera. Hope it helps. BTW- The link you sent shows this same piece with a bit more patina. Thanks,


I think you have an old Maisels’ piece. Your stone appears to have changed color and seems to show age.

Again, thank you Jason.