My pictures upload in whatever random order they choose. And, it’s never the order I chose them. Is it possible to rearrange them or should I just not worry about it.
I ask because the primary picture is usually not at the top. Thanks

I load them one at a time & never have that problem! Are you dragging & dropping them or using the ‘Upload’ button, at the top of the window?

I’m using the upload button but I have been selecting them all at the same time. Thanks for the reply. I’ll load one at a time from now on. Sometimes the solution is too obvious. Lol

I always push the space bar & enter after each one, then upload or type… it gives a space between each one!

Thanks Pete for explaining. This will be very helpful when I post several heishi and one fetish piece. Read a good article on the subject last week and wanted to see how mine compared. Pretty sure I have a combo of real and fake. Have a great day!