Pieces with many questions

I purchased this set quite awhile ago. I was not so discerning at the time to identify the odd elements.
1 - restrung with mfg. hook, 925.
2- probably repurposed w/ married beads to make a salable length.

Questions…opinions on the larger beads?
The ornate work around the cabs is rougher on the bracelet, may be pre mfg. work on the pendant?
Anyone recognize the hallmark stamp?
Anyone have an opinion on the source mine?
Thoughts on age?
I paid $125 for both. After exchanging emails on my construction concerns, the seller was pressing for a return. So I figured they might be better than I thought and kept them.


I think the necklace is a married piece and restrung. Am I seeing hallmarks? I don’t think $125 was a bad price at all.

Hallmark is a figure…quasar …kind of a stamped square with sides bowed, curved inward. Yes married…3 different beads.

The pieces look handmade. I would guess 80s - 90s. My first thought is Chinese, trying to think what else makes this color, possible something like Orville Jack or Damele. You are asking if larger bead is a machine bead? looks like it.

Thanks Jason…isn’t Orville Jack more colorful?

We usually see pictures of the best, mines will produce a range of quality.

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