Please help identify

I obtained this gorgeous Sterling silver and hematite necklace and I have searched high and low trying to find out who the artist is. Maybe someone recognizes the hallmark. J.J. With what looks like upside down sun rays. Thanks!

In Hougart’s book he has a husband and wife team using this hallmark. Jerry and Joaan Johnson, J.J. Did a quick online search and found a piece attributed to them that did not have the periods, possibly the wrong name. The book gives the name Johnny Johnson for JJ with no periods. Do some researching and see what you can find, good luck.

I have searched high and low. Lots of JJ but nothing with that design below or with the periods. Any idea on any other sites like this one that might know? Also, do you think it’s Navajo?

It looks Navajo. I think lots of times it is the age of the piece. If an artist was active in the 1980s you might not get the images you need online because no internet at that time. Wright’s book also attributes to Jerry and JoAnn, so I think you have the name.

Hi Jason
Thought you would like to know I find the mark in the Hallmarks of the Southwest" it’s James Jefferson.
Thanks for your help.

Great, I see it too.

Hi Jason.
I’ve posted a couple items that I need help with but I haven’t heard from you.
Did you know anything about the last one I posted?

Is there some reason why your not answering me?

No, I am just trying to catch up and haven’t come to your posts yet. As soon as I get there will get you an answer.

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