Please help identify

I came acrossed this rock while walking through the desert in the north Phoenix area and decided to pick it up. I am absolutely clueless when it comes to these kinds of things but I have a feeling that it might have at least some value and I’m having a hard time finding out what i have online. I have attached some pictures and hopefully I get back some good news but either way thank you to anyone that takes the time to help me figure this out.

I can’t get a real good look at the stone. You either have a piece of turquoise or chrysocolla. You might just take it to the Hear Museum gift shop or another reputable shop there in Phoenix, they will know what you have. Also, might do a little research for rock and gem clubs in your area, the website might have information on what you are going to find in the area you were hiking.

maybe these pics will give u a better look. I appreciate the answer either way I’m actually located in Tucson but I will look for a shop to take it to if the pics still can’t get you a good enough look at it. Thanks again for your time.

thank you very much Jason

NewRiver, why don’t you try taking an outdoor photo in natural light? That would help greatly. The flash from your camera & false indoor lighting changes the color of the stone in photos.