Please help identifying turquoise petit point bracelet hallmark

Hello! I have a beautiful silver and turquoise bracelet with a hallmark ‘CA’, with the C over the A. I think the piece may be Zuni petit point, but am happy to be corrected. I can’t identify the artist; can anyone help identify? Many thanks in advance!


This is a mystery, I am trying to come up with Zuni surnames that begin with an A and do research with that. I am only coming up with Awelagte, Altone, Acque, Amesoli, Allapowa, Aisetewa, Ahiyite. You might take these names and start doing some google searches.

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thank you very much for the guidance, Jason! I will look into those names and let you know if i come up with anything.

For what it’s worth, there also appear to be some handwritten letters and numbers both under the Hallmark and on one side of the bracelet. I have attached photos here. It looks like they are “bw2”. I don’t know if they are of any significance.

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That’s a lovely bracelet!